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Voicings: Unison

Publisher: Alfred USA

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Celebrate the holidays with your students while exploring the music and lives of six great composers: Elgar, Bizet, Strauss, Dvorak, Grieg and Sousa! This versatile unison collection can be used effectively in many ways, including: a songbook of famous classical melodies with clever new lyrics; a series of musical history lessons; and a study of Christmas customs and traditions in six different countries. Or, add the informative narrative verse to create an enjoyable 20-minute holiday program!
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Genre(s): Christmas, Winter

Product Language: English

ISBN: 3808114291

  • Unison Voices
  1. Christmas Eve in Prague (Largo from Symphony "From the New World")
  2. Christmas in Bergen (In the Hall of the Mountain King)
  3. Christmas in Hometown, U.S.A. (Stars and Stripes Forever)
  4. Christmas in Paree (Toreador Song)
  5. Christmas in Vienna (On the Beautiful Blue Danube)
  6. Closing Fanfare
  7. December in London (Pomp and Circumstance)
  8. Opening Fanfare