Eight Canons For Equal Voices (Unison Voices)

Gustav Holst

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Voicings: Unison & Piano

Accompaniment: Accompanied

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Publisher: Faber Music

Item Code: 0571500080

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Eight Canons For Equal Voices is a set of Gustav Holst's compositions for 2, 3, 6 & 9-part equal voices. Canons 1-6 are unaccompanied; 7 and 8 are accompianed with piano.


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Genre(s): Choral

Product Language: English

ISBN: 0571500080

  • Unison Voices
  • Piano
  1. If You Love Songs
  2. Lovely Venus
  3. The Fields of Sorrow
  4. David’s Lament for Jonathan
  5. O Strong of Heart
  6. Truth of all Truth
  7. Evening on the Mosell
  8. If ‘twere the Time of Liles